• Enjoy. Cadence VR for every training

    Upgrade your bike now using Cadence VR. In three simple steps you can upgrade any bike into a virtual reality trainer.We also support many brands like Wahoo, Tacx, Kettler etc. Don't own a trainer yet? Check out our store for the best offers!
  • Go Pro. The same roads the same Kickr

    Get the best indoor trainer out there and train like the pros riding the same roads.
  • Cadence VR controls the new Tacx Neo Smart

    Use your Tacx Vortex Smart, Bushido Smart, Gernius Smart and Neo Smart with Cadence VR. We can also upgrade any other type of Tacx Trainer like the Satori, Booster, Blue Matic, Galaxia and many more
  • Agony. Cadence VR meets the Kickr Snap

    Cadence VR 3 supports the Wahoo Kickr and brand new Wahoo Snap.
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Trainers - We support them all!

  • Full Wahoo KICKR support

    Full Wahoo KICKR support

    Cadence VR has built in full Wahoo KICKR support. Please see the Wahoo section for more details and offers on a KICKR or KICKR Snap.
  • Full Tacx Smart support

    Full Tacx Smart support

    Cadence VR has built in full Tacx Smart support. Please see the Tacx section for more details and offers on Tacx Smart trainers including Cadence VR
  • Upgrade all Tacx Trainers

    Upgrade all Tacx Trainers

    Cadence VR will upgrade any Tacx Trainer into a virtual reality trainer. So also the Satori, Booster, Blue Matic, Galaxia, Antares and many other. See also our great deal on a new Tacx Trainer including Cadence VR.
  • Spinbike upgrade

    Spinbike upgrade

    Upgrade any spinbike into a virtual reality trainer within seconds using our wireless technology.
  • Elite Trainers

    Elite Trainers

    Upgrade your elite trainer with Cadence VR and get the best out of your training.
  • Any other brand

    Any other brand

    We support all Brands! Jet Black, XLC, Kurt Kinetic, etc!


Our product Cadence VR will upgrade any trainer in a few minutes. It doesn't matter if you own an electronic trainer like a Wahoo Kickr or Tacx Smart, a trainer with manual resistance setting, roller, a hometrainer or a spinningbike. We have a solution for all! Just let Cadence connect wireless via ANT+ with your trainer and enjoy our very large collection of trainingvideo's or structured workouts. Want a power-based training and don't want to spend a lot of money on an expensive trainer or powermeter? Just attach a wireless speedsensor on your bike or trainingdevice and Cadence will calculate your power effort!

Supported trainers:

  • Spinningbikes
  • Hometrainers
  • Rollers
  • Electronic trainers 
  • Non electronic trainers 
  • Fluid trainers
  • and many more

Need advise on a trainer?

We know all about trainers and have tested most of them during development of Cadence VR. That is why most customers ask us what trainer is best suitable for them. Most companies just ship boxes and don't even know what's inside. We on the other hand can give you an honest advise for the best trainer in your situation.