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The software for your indoor cycling training.

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CadenceVR personal license. The license includes access to all options of CadenceVR and can be used with your purchased videos from this site.

Our software runs only under window 7, 8 en 10. Look at our support page for more system requirements.

4 reviews for CadenceVR personal license

  1. Mick Brear (verified owner)

    Running Cadence VR 4.8 version. Tacx Neo (original version 1). Garmin heart rate strap. High spec lap top Intel i-7 with 8 GB RAM. Tacx ANT+ aerial. When it connects the software is reasonably good but sadly this is not easy to achieve. ANT+ connections simply refuse to remain stable. The problem is not hardware related as the trainer & accessories all connect perfectly with other training platforms (Rouvy, Tacx Desktop app, Tacx TTS4 & Bkool). Can run VR videos within Tacx’s old software (using TTS4 interface) & they are excellent. (You also have the option to start & finish wherever you want in TTS) This Cadence VR software definitely needs some improvements!

    • cadencevradmin

      Hi Mick,

      Thank you for your reaction. We are not familiar with stability issues. How far is the ANT+ USB dongle from the Neo?
      Can you look in c:\ProgramData\\Logging\ and send us al the files in this folder to

      Best Regards

  2. Mick Brear (verified owner)

    Further to my original review, I have now downgraded to one star after the “support intervention”!
    Firstly, there is no file called “Logging” in c:\ProgramData\ & I sent email explaining this to the above address
    I have had no reply after five days.
    In the meantime, I can no longer log in to the program at all, as I now get a message telling me that my license code is no longer valid & to contact customer support by email. I have done this with the same result as above (after four days “no reply”).
    On the website my account tells me that my account is live & still shows the same license code as being valid. There is also a link to raise a support issue – but this leads to a further link which is dead!
    Only response I have got from cadenceVR is via this feedback so I am posting again on here in the hope that they are monitoring.

    • cadencevradmin

      Hi Mick,

      Last weekend our hosting supplier had some technical issues. These issues are solved monday morning. We tested it self on monday and the software is starting up without problems.
      Your last succesfull starting up the software was 4th september. Since that they, we have no logging of you starting the software. From which moment you experience starting problems?
      So if you have still starting up issues, there must be another reason. To investigate your problem, can you answer the following questions?
      1. You installed our software on only 1 computer?
      2. Your internet connection is active?
      3. Did you check your virusscanner, rarely, virusscanners blocks our software.

      Best Regards

  3. Mick Brear (verified owner)

    3 stars re-instated!
    I do appreciate the fact that you have replied on this forum but cannot understand why you have not done this by replying to my emails sent to customer services days before ( link is still not allowing a support issue to be raised).
    Only 3 stars since I would like the option of starting a video anywhere I choose, would prefer options on what is displayed on the video screen whilst riding, don’t appear to be able to choose non metric display values & still find a lack of support via this website (I have signed up with another platform because of the time I have been unable to use the CadenceVR software & heard nothing back from my emails) Initially, I was attracted by the thought that I could own the videos outright & not have to pay subscription. However, since I was firstly experiencing connection issues with no support ticket available 7 then unable to access my videos because of “hosting issues”, with no information as to why this had happened, I now realize that I am not independently in charge in a stand alone manner. The prospect of purchasing further videos has, therefore, lost its appeal.

    It appears that if I had not elected to leave a review I would still be without response.
    On a positive note:
    *** I can confirm that the software is now allowing me to reload it & log in using my original code so the hosting supplier technical issues were certainly the cause***
    It was very unfortunate that this overlapped with the connection issues but as I had no reply to my support request email I could not have known this was the case.
    Since your post on here, I removed all traces of the first installation & started again from scratch with a full new install.
    I had already checked on your three suggestions for causing issues so took more drastic action.

    **** So far it seems to be working perfectly **** (I have only done a few short test rides)

    To help any other Tacx NEO user having issues, after the re-install I have noted the following things:
    Within “Quick set up” the Tacx Neo is recognized under three designations (FIT, Cadence, Power)
    After noting this I went to Setting\ANT+ General and made sure that Speed Cadence & Power were all related to FIT
    I noted the following designations for my PC “Channel:8 Serial:130 Network:3”

    Next, in ANT+ Pairing, I deleted the separate Speed & Cadence & Power from “Accepted Devices” so that only FIT & HR devices were remaining.
    By following these steps I have got the software working properly with my devices & connection is now stable.
    If I could raise a support issue I would only have one other matter.
    Since the only way to contact support seems to be via this feedback forum I will mention it here. I have a few older Real Life Videos which still exist in the new CadenceVR format & which the software recognizes and associates with the .rlvnl files. However, one will not show up correctly. This is Lake District Kirkstone Pass II (the Kirkstone Pass I is recognized & runs perfectly) It seems that the new software is not differentiating between the two & I wondered if there was a solution so that it will recognize them as two separate videos. I would then be able to ride it both ways! (Might even be 4 stars if possible!!)
    Regards Mick

  4. Mick Brear (verified owner)

    Review number four!! I am happy to report that CadenceVR software & their customer service finally came through as worthy of four stars. Had an email response explaining some customer service issues with the assurance that these are being addressed. Hopefully, the support ticket link will soon be fixed & there are planned upgrades to address some of my other niggles. As far as my issue with the Kirkstone Pass II video; a big thank you for sorting that out in super quick time. It now runs perfectly. The quality of the video playback, now I have this platform working, as well as the generous distances per recording does make CadenceVR extremely good value.
    Hope to be able to leave five stars in the future!

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